Summer Team Tryouts (Grade Based on 2019-2020 School Year) - Registration is Open!

Thursday, May 02, 2019 3:18:00 PM

Upward Stars will again be forming summer league teams and securing roster spots through tryouts.  All summer league teams will be competing in the Brentwood Academy Summer Flight League. Upward Stars plans on forming 12-16 teams for summer league competition. 

NOTE:  Grade based on 2019-2020 grade - or "RISING GRADE." 

Summer teams represent the least commitment of our club teams (as compared to spring tournament teams and winter league teams).  As people tend to scatter in the summer with family trips, church camps, etc., we do expect athletes to miss some practices and/or games.  Regarding volume of athletes at tryouts, summer tryout numbers are vastly smaller than other team tryouts held for winter teams or spring tournament teams.  

To learn more about specific details relative to each team being formed (# of roster spots available, tryout dates/times, team fees, etc.) and/or to register your athlete for tryouts, please visit our web page:

To learn more about the structure of the BA Summer Flight League, visit the web link below:

NOTEAs our spring tournament season and the summer league season truly connect on the calendar, and for some of the Upward Stars’ spring teams there is even an overlap, we are holding roster spots for those spring tournament team players that desired to play this summer.  On our web page with specific details about each grade, you will note the "# of roster spots available."  

NOTE:  Grade based on RISING grade (2019-2020 school year)

QUESTIONS regarding tryouts and teams?  Contact:

·         Lance Akridge (Club Director):


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